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Save for College!

Start saving for college today! 


Your support for United Way also supports your children and our community.

By donating $10 per month to United Way, you qualify for a free CollegeSave membership. 

You’ll receive 1000 Tuition Rewards® Points worth $1,000 in college tuition discounts with your first donation, plus 250 more points worth $250 more in tuition discounts every month. (Each point equals $1.00.) That’s $4,000 in tuition discounts in just the first year, and you’ll receive $250 worth of tuition discounts every month thereafter, for as long as you continue to contribute to the Northern Santa Barbara County United Way.

Your CollegeSave membership also includes four (4) more benefits to help you save for college and understand the college admissions process:

1. Panel of Experts – answering questions about college selection, admission and savings.

2. National Directory of Homework Helplines –free homework help to help kids get good grades.

3. Personal College Savings Roadmap® – take one minute to answer a few questions and receive a personalized roadmap showing exactly how much you’ll need to save for college for kids in your family, and how much LESS you need to save when you have Tuition Rewards to help cover college costs.

4. SmartSavings Monthly Newsletter – featuring advice on saving for college and tips on squeezing $100 more in savings each month out of tight family budgets.

You can designate any or all of the children in your extended family, from newborns through juniors in high school (kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, cousins, stepchildren, and even godchildren) as recipients of the Tuition Rewards discounts. And you can save up to one full year off college tuition costs for each child in your family.

Nearly 400 excellent private schools throughout the nation accept Tuition Rewards, and 80% of participating schools are listed on the US New & World Report ranking of America's Best Colleges.

Colleges participate because they are eager to recruit good students to apply and attend their schools – they are part of a consortium built on the promise to give students seeking a private college education the best savings possible.

To receive your free CollegeSave membership, simply become a Sustaining Donor to the Northern Santa Barbara County United Way for $10 per month or more. It’s our way to say thanks for your support.

As soon as your donation is processed you’ll be redirected to the CollegeSave enrollment page. Please click the link below to make your pledge and to begin Saving.