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2019 Elks Rodeo Queen Campaign

Welcome to our 2019 Elks Rodeo Queen Campaign Page. 


This year, we are excited to participate in our second Elks Rodeo Queen campaign to raise funds for Home for Good Santa Barbara County.







Last year, we raised over $60,000, thanks to Seyenna Cavazos, her family, and everyone who supported them and us throughout the campaign. The Elks Rodeo Queen campaign is an incredible fundraiser for non-profits in Santa Maria and the surrounding area. Our "competition" includes Kiwanis Club of Santa Maria, Kiwanis Club of Guadalupe, and VTC Enterprises. The work these organizations do is incredible, and we encourage all of our donors to look into the great work they do.

However, we are here to ask for your support. The highest ranking candidates receive substantial scholarships from Elks Rec, and we hope to help our 2019 candidate win the top scholarship. The winner of the Queen Contest is the candidate who raises the most money for her charity.

This is where you come in.

Become a sponsor or purchase tickets (links above) to support our efforts to raise money for Home for Good Santa Barbara County and to win our candidate the scholarship she deserves.

For information about Home for Good, please visit our Home for Good SBC page on this site. 








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Seyenna Cavazos, United Way Rodeo Princess 2018