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Literacy Programs

We’re fighting to shift the odds so tomorrow’s leaders can build a better foundation today. With an approach to education that spans from cradle to career, we’re ensuring every child gets a strong start in life, teenagers have the tools to learn and grow, and young adults thrive in the job market.


Through our programs Imagination Library and Reading Plus, we work to ensure that the importance of adequate literacy is not forgotten in our area.

Imagination Library provides children under the age of 5 with a free, age-appropriate book each month - no strings attached. Cilck here to learn more.

Reading Plus is implemented in many schools in Northern Santa Barbara County to help kids in fourth grade and above to catch up to their peers' reading level. Click here to learn more.

Currently, we do not offer programs for children between five and approximately 9 (fourth grade). We are looking to find a program to fill that gap, as we work to elevate the literacy of every member of our community.