Donate to the FHSP to quickly assist people experiencing homelessness. For assistance to designate you contribution please contact Eddie Taylor - eddie@liveunitedsbc.org / 805.717.1833

Description of the Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool:

"Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool.  A program for vulnerable individuals and families prioritized for a housing intervention called the Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool (FHSP). Based on the underlying philosophy that housing is a crucial form of healthcare for patients without a stable living situation, the goal of the FHSP is to secure quality affordable housing for people who are experiencing homelessness and have complex physical and behavioral health conditions. When rental subsidies are available FHSB can assist with other move-in costs and intensive case management services provided by local community organizations for clients. These organizations use a “whatever it takes” approach when providing services to clients as they move from homelessness to permanent housing. 

In order to take full advantage of a permanent housing opportunity– FHSP resources may be distributed through the Coordinated Entry System with increased flexibility at the discretion of the CES Coordinating Agency. Rather than allow permanent housing opportunities to go unused because no person in a higher Priority Group has a permanent housing opportunity, the Coordinated Entry System may offer the available resource to an individual or family prioritized for a housing intervention that can put the resource to use. Moreover, when substantially all of the households in a higher Priority Group are already in the process of receiving assistance from the Coordinated Entry System, a household prioritized for a housing intervention may be provided with a FHSP resource in order to take advantage of a Housing Choice Voucher or other permanent housing opportunity that is available to that household.
Individuals and families are referred through CES to receive Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool assistance. 
The goal of the FHSP is to permanently house vulnerable individual and families prioritized for a housing intervention. 
The FHSP is available to individuals and families on the Coordinated Entry System List who have been prioritized for a housing intervention." CES Policies and Procedures 

Requirements for the Flexible Housing Subsidy Pool 

If Using Agency Funds 

If Requesting Funds From Home For Good Santa Barbara County
Once approved fax (805-965-9991) or send by secure email: 
  • Copy of Standard Intake and ROI (required) 
  • Copy of Lease (required upon move-in) 

If you have questions contact Emily Allen at emily@liveunitedsbc.org 



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