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Patty's Story - January

Thursday was an eventful day for me in Lompoc, I had the opportunity to join forces with an AmeriCorps member, Jasmine, whom serves through the Good Samaritan Shelter here in Lompoc.


A past client of both the Shelter and C3H needed housing retention. It had been some time since the individual was being helped by either organization.  


Jasmine and I scheduled an in-home visit with her to assess the needs and create a plan for moving forward.  In addition to being a year into being newly housed, now this client was going to get a Team effort of these two same service providers coming in and assisting her with on-going needs. 


Jasmine was a great team member and we breezed thru this visit and assessment and left our client knowing she still has advocates and people in the community ready to lend a hand.  So, overall, I was happy to revisit this individual and happy to see she has remained housed for over a year..............Yay Jasmine!   


Patty, AmeriCorps Member.