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Jeff's Story - February

Jeff Shaffer met with two people experiencing homelessness while he was doing outreach with Madeline from Behavioral Wellness on Tuesday, January 29th. 

Jeff and Madeline were doing sock outreach, and they were just working to get to know everyone on State. At Home for Good Santa Barbara County, one of our goals is to personally get to know the community that we are helping. We don't believe that we can create positive change if we are offering help without actually knowing the problems and the people experiencing them. 

The man Jeff and Madeline met let them know, after some talking, that he has a brother living in Northern California. The man explained that his brother would be able to take him into his home to get him back on his feet, but the man would just need the financial support to get there.

Our AmeriCorps program worked with community partners in Santa Barbara, including the Downtown Organization in Santa Barbara, to collect the funds needed to reunify these two with their family up north. 

They left this week to start their new life. We couldn't be happier to see this success. 


Jeff Shaffer is our Director of Community Engagement. Contact him by clicking here.

Behavioral Wellness is a County department that promotes the prevention of, and recovery from, addiction and mental illness among individuals, families, and communities by providing effective leadership and delivering state-of-the-art, culturally competent services. Learn more about Behavioral Wellness by calling the 24-Hour, Toll-Free Access Line at (888) 868-1649 or by clicking here to visit their website.