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Food and Hygiene Drive

Get Involved in our Food and Hygiene Drive 

We’ve started assembling brown bag lunches for our unhoused neighbors. Many of the local Day Centers and Meal Shares are no longer operational. We have access to Salvation Army Kitchens in North and South Santa Barbara County and are working with the FoodBank of Santa Barbara County - but could still use the following types of food items:
The Essential Grocery List For Brown Bag Food Distribution
Bottled Water 
Brown Lunch Bags 
Canned Beans 
Cans or Boxes of Juice 
Cottage Cheese or Yogurt Cups 
Crackers, Pretzels, or Pita Chips 
Deli Turkey, Chicken, or Ham 
Dried Fruit and Vegetables 
Dry Pasta 
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables 
Frozen Waffles 
Fruit Cups Hummus 
Lunchables or Other Packaged Meals 
Slim Jims 
Zip Lock Bags
*Other non-perishable food items are also very appreciated 


To coordinated donations or to volunteer with food prep call 1-805-451-5604 or