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Carmen's Story - March

I met a single mother of two children in the library. She was hopeless after bring homeless with her two small children since the middle of 2018. 

She's been looking for a two bedroom unit for her and her children each day while trying to locate a place for her and her children to sleep at night. Many nights, she had to sleep in a vehicle with her children. Lilly administered a VISPDAT, and she scored a 9 (indicating a recommendation for Permanent Supportive Housing / Housing First), and I discusssed the cottages with her and had her fill out the application. 

She was approved for a two bedroom cottage and was so very excited that finally she would have a safe place for her and her children.

When I called her to tell her that the unit had passed inspection and that she needed to go to the rental office to fill out paperwork and get her keys, the whole office heard her excited scream through the phone.