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April Stories - Brooke and Lauren

In April, we had successes and shortcomings. Two of our AmeriCorps members, Brooke and Lauren, captured moments in the paragraphs below.


"I worked with a chronically homeless client that has been in and out of the shelter system for many years. She is now document ready and connected with primary medical services on site at the shelter and through public health. She is receiving mental health services as well. She has complex mental health and medical issues and I have been working with the doctor onsite to get referrals." 



"On Monday I was supposed to help a client fill out some paperwork, and I planned to take him to social security office the following day. I was waiting all day for him to text me back, and later that day I found out he wasn’t texting me back because he had been arrested."



At Northern Santa Barbara County United Way, we fight for every member of our community. We win some of these fights, and we lose some, but we do not give up. Lauren met success with her chronically homeless client, and she is excited to celebrate that victory. Brook has a challenging path ahead of her, but she will not give up the fight. Our AmeriCorps members work with individuals and families experiencing homelessness as they enter and exit shelters, jails, temporary residences, and everything in between. They remain steadfast in their fight to secure permanent supportive housing for these individuals.