Stuff the Bus Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities at Santa Maria Walmart Site and Lompoc Walmart Site

Volunteer Descriptions


Greeters: (3-6 Volunteers per shift)

You will enjoy the fun of welcoming the public and encouraging them to “Help Stuff the Bus” by handing them a flyer and asking customers to donate school supplies to be distributed to children in need through our local public schools. Another important role you will take part of is informing customers that all donated items WILL stay within their community and will be evenly distributed.

Collectors: (2 Volunteer per shift)

Your role as a collector is to gather all donated school supplies from the Greeters and the public and take them over to the BIG YELLOW SCHOOL BUS for inventory. You may also be assisting in setting up the information tables and putting supply boxes together with tape if needed. During slow hours, you may be asked to walk around in the parking lots or inside of Wal-Mart to pick up any flyers lying around.

Sorters: (2 Volunteer per shift)

You will be looking through the collected donations and marking an inventory sheet of the donations items received.  You will also serve as a Greeter at the bus site.  Sometimes customers have purchased donations prior to the event and are ready to drop them off.  There will be donation receipts if requested.  

Stuffers: (2 Volunteer per shift)

Your role as a stuffer is separting the donations and placing them in the appropriate boxes. You will label each box and tape it closed when full making sure they are not overstuffed or too heavy to carry.

Site Coordinator: (1 Volunteer/shift)

Your role as a Site Coordinator is to be a positive role model for volunteers, build positive relationships and to maintain open communication with volunteers and donors. You will oversee the entire site for your designated day. That means, making sure volunteers understand their roles maintain appropriate work ethics. As part of our responsibility, a key will be given to you in which you will unlock the school bus prior to start of the event and making sure that the bus is locked and secured at the end of the day. You will also be in charge of all volunteers and making sure that they are signing in and out and most importantly, making sure that ALL volunteers complete and sign the United Way volunteer waiver form. During your entire shift, you will be responsible for promoting a safe working environment for your volunteers. Please note that prior to your commitment for this role, a representative from United Way will prepare and provide you with the necessary tools needed to make your day runs smoothly and will be available on-call at all times.

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