FOR IMPACT Annual Report 2016

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Why do we do what we do the way we do?   FOR IMPACT !…. “We are A FOR IMPACT organization”.

I believe that our organization, and our sector needs to continue to organize FOR IMPACT. We need to change not just what we call ourselves, but also the way we think about change to reach our goals. John Maxwell wrote: when you change your thinking, you change your beliefs; change beliefs you change expectations; change expectations change attitudes; change attitudes you change behaviors; change behaviors change performance; change performance you change your life.

“As a FOR IMPACT organization, we change performance to change lives – and communities.”

The Power Readers Community Literacy Initiative is the perfect example of how we work collectively to impact lives for generations. Consider the data – the IMPACT your investments had last year:

Lompoc Unified School District - over 70% of the nearly 2,000 students enrolled in The Power Readers Program were performing 3 or more grade levels behind in reading at the beginning of the year. At the end of the year, 67% of those students were reading near, at or above grade level and several elementary schools reached 84% -  IMPACT.

Santa Maria High School District - at the beginning of the year 98% of the students enrolled in The Power Readers Program were three or more grade levels behind. At the end of the year 46% of the students were reading near, at or above grade level and at Santa Maria High School that number was 71% -  IMPACT.

NeighborWorks / People’s Self-Help Housing - this collective effort represents the results that are possible with The Community Literacy Initiative. More than 200 students in an afterschool setting dramatically improved their reading grade levels, with parents getting involved in the literacy program as well. Parents talk about how it has improved their child’s self-esteem and their own abilities to assist their children with schoolwork.  Literacy IMPACTS lives for generations!

REAL STORY -Malia had been living in a car with her daughter three years ago when she entered The Power Readers Program at the homeless shelter. She shared the story of how she improved from third grade reading to high school level reading, got her GED and went on to community college.  Today she is back at the shelter … With a full-time job, a stable home, her family intact and her daughter performing well in school.  Literacy IMPACTS lives for generations!

We are excited about our newest FOR IMPACT efforts.

The AMERICORPS Partnership for Veterans and People Experiencing Homelessness. This effort is organizing more than 20 partners to focus on the needs of veterans in our county, as well as people experiencing homelessness. The goals are set and the partnership is moving forward.

The collective impact Workforce and Literacy Initiative (WALI)  has organized  the Working Neighborhoods Initiative (WNI) with 10 partners coming together to impact lives and communities.

We are going to bring the same level of energy, coordination, and  PASSION to these efforts that we have for literacy.

That’s how we will move the needle on these issues. That’s how we’ll make a difference in people’s lives

That’s how we will have impact on our community.   That's why we do what we do the way we do it.

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