AmeriCorps - Apply to be a Participating Agency

Agencies that share the AmeriCorps program mission and goals can apply to sponsor AmeriCorps members to enhance their capacity to meet agency needs. We designed the program to utilize all 5 member terms of service available to programs. Agencies are able to choose member types based upon weekly needs for members. Maximum member term is 11 months and must be completed by August 31, 2017. AmeriCorps requires that each agency have a minimum of 2 members to build a mutual support network into the program design. Agencies can choose any 2 types of members. An agency cash match payment is made based on the types of members chosen. Members are recruited to fill agency positions based on competitive hiring practices and the agency makes the final choice of member.

Member Type

Avg. hrs/wk Individuals Serve (based on 11 month term)

Agency Cash Match

Full Time



Half Time



Reduced Half Time



Quarter Time



Minimum Time



Contact Us with your interest to be a Participating Agency.